Linguistic De-coupling

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Do not abuse language. If you try to bend language too much, it will just delaminate from the hearer’s consciousness, and inhabit a separate space from their perception of reality. You won’t be talking about anything your audience knows or cares about. You’ll just be talking to yourself.

You must use words that people recognize, and in a way that they recognize. Using common terms for uncommon ideas will not work. Likewise, odd terms for familiar objects will lead to confusion. The hearer will produce a translation to the common term, or keep looking for the uncommon concept. Many attempt to create the sensation without the substance. By using unfamiliar terms for familiar ideas we dazzle. By using familiar terms for unfamiliar ideas we comfort. Both will work to a point; Neither will serve their purpose fully. Do not stress language. Misunderstanding is common enough without stress distortion. Flowery verbiage should be the exception, reserved for the time when a truly exceptional concept arrives.

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