Goals, Actions, and Posessions

What you want, what you can do, or what you have. Which is more important? Each informs the other. Each is superior to the others. Each serves the others. They all work together.

There are continually trends to move games (and everything else) toward a focus on one or the other of these aspects. An exclusive obsession with “what you have” is the basis of materialism. Fascination with “what you can do” leads to endless labor. Fixation on “what you want” produces day-dreaming and dissatisfaction.

However, there seem to be some trends emerging. Games generally ask for input on one of these three levels. The continual motion of “progress” in games seems to be toward asking “what do you want?” instead of “what do you do?” or even “what do you have?”

In order to have satisfying games, we must be able to address all three simultaneously. We know this is the case from the spiritual septet from Apocalypsis. The spirit of desire is Blessing. Those of action are Power, Glory, and Honor. Those of possession are Strength, Wisdom, and Wealth.

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