Game Pitch Pitfalls

Game pitch notes from here:

Two big questions: Is this game worth making? Can this team make it?
Common problems with a game pitch:
Problems with the arrangement:

* Asking the publisher to design the game.
* Pitching to the wrong publisher (mobile, console, pc are all different)
* IP-focused game without rights to IP.
Problems with the team:
* No team.
* Trash talk/gossip.
* Assumption of notability.
* Seems difficult to work with.
* Gets annoyed by questions.
* Lacks gear (presenting on a phone, no headphones)
* Lacks personal prep (substance abuse, hasn’t showered)
Problems with money:
* No budget estimates.
* Focus on monetization.
* Budget over-estimates. (your game will not sell like WOW)
Problems with the game:
* Design is a copy of an existing title. (Gone Home already exists)
* Focusing on standard features. (inventory system, backstory, setting)
* Excusing design choices with an appeal to realism.
* Using lots of garbage art. Make placeholders obvious. WIP should look like WIP.
* Pandering to cutting-edge tech craze.
* Confusing Pillars with hooks. What differentiates this game?
* Ignoring what the player does.
* Proof of concept that doesn’t prove anything. Prove the hard things, not the easy things.
* Don’t polish the prototype too early. Finish level should be as uniform as possible.
* Bad dialog (especially if the game is heavily story focused)
* “It’s a gameshow!” Using an (unjustified) framing story/setting.
* “It’s a parody” Or, maybe it just sucks.
* Unaware of tech risks.

Things to do:
* Be enthusiastic
* Be honest
* Know your scope
* Sell your hook

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